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What is DirectTV?

(DirectTV is a common mis-spelling of DirecTV.)

Check out your local authorized DIRECTV dealer is a direct-broadcast satellite TV service based in El Segundo, CA. DirectTV transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the US, the Caribbean and parts of Latin America.

It's main competitors are Dish Network and cable operators such as Comcast. DirecTV currently has over 25 million subscribers. Launched June 17, 1994 the company is now owned by The DirecTV Group, which is controlled by Liberty Media.

You will get an rebate when

you sign up for DIRECT TV.

If you have received a pre-paid Visa rewards card offer, you will need to download the redemtion form and mail it in.

If you submit your rebate online before DIRECTTV is installed, your Directtv rebate credits will begin with your first bill. DirectTV Rebates submitted after your installation can take 6-8 weeks for processing.

Submitting your Directtv rebate online is the fastest and easiest way to get your rebate processed. You have 90 days from the day DIRECTTV is installed in your home to submit your rebate.

Please be aware - programming rebates submitted before the installation date will commence with your first bill. Programming rebates submitted after installation, will take 6-8 weeks. Programming rebates must be submitted within 90 days of the turning on of your service.

DirecTV allows you access to 1,000s of on demand shows and movies. This is part of your all packages. and you can watch a limited selection of shows on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

DirectTV prices on their packages range from $54.99/month to $124.99/month. Compared to Dish’s costs from $49.99/month to $74.99/month.

DIRECTV must be the ultimate in video entertainment.

You can watch it at home, or when you are away. DIRECTV is the source for top video entertainment. You can watch movies/shows anywhere. On your television, lap-top, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, DIRECT TV gives you more full time High Definition channels, and more sports than their competition. They don't even come close.

DirecTV provides television and audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions. Services include the equivalent of many local television stations, broadcast television networks, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and private video services. Subscribers have access to dozens or hundreds of channels, so its competitors are cable television service and other satellite-based services.

DirecTV programming

DirecTV offers a wide range of programming selections. Users can get up to 225 standard channels with their services. Above of that, DirecTV has exclusive rights to some sports channels. Sports packages like NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NY Yankee Games, NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket allow you access to almost every NFL or NBA game.

How DIRECTTV works is easily stated in one word: PERFECTLY. With two broadcasting stations inside the continental United States, DIRECTV is certain to always broadcast clear signals out to any of the six satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth's equator and the DIRECTV viewer is absolutely certain to always receive the highest quality digital MPEG-2 service available on the market today.

DIRECT TV is a world leader in satellite TV technology and one of the fastest growing electronics markets ever. MPEG-2 transmissions give DIRECTV an edge over the competition that will launch the world into a new era of satellite telecommunications and digital storage. DIRECTV costumers receive both high-quality multi-channel digital satellite broadcasting as well as high-quality service.

There are two main direct broadcast satellite TV providers in the United States today: DirecTV and Dish Network.

About DirectTV

In 1991, PrimeStar became the first satellite service in America, but its competitor DirecTV, launched in 1994 by Hughes Electronics, eventually absorbed it. DirecTV has since become the largest satellite TV provider in the United States, with over 15 million customers as of the end of 2005.

DirecTV provides premium channels (such as HBO), nationwide turnaround channels (such as ESPN), and local programming (such as ABC). It also has several HDTV channels, showing about 900 hours of high definition content a week. In addition, DirecTV offers XM Satellite music channels, and some pay-per-view and video-on-demand services.

The company also provides digital video recorders (DVRs) to its customers its first DVR was licensed from the TiVo company, which brought “pause-live-TV” technology into the public eye, but DirecTV now uses the internally-developed XTV system. Its receivers also have a built-in parental control system, allowing parents to block certain channels, or shows with a certain rating, from being accessed without a password.

DirectTV offers free professional installation with all of its packages.

About Dish Network

The other major satellite TV provider in the United States is Dish Network, which was launched by EchoStar Communications in 1996. It has grown steadily in popularity, with about 11 million customers at the end of 2005.

Like its competitor, Dish provides premium channels, turnaround channels and local programming. It has also added 29 HDTV channels, acquired from a failed satellite company called Voom, which competed briefly with Dish and DirecTV between 2003 and 2005 by focusing on high definition television channels. Dish provides over 1400 hours of HDTV programming a week.

Digital video recording (DVR) technology is also available with all Dish packages, and the company has recently offered a “PocketDish” portable DVR device that can download and view media (TV shows, music, photos and games) that is recorded and stored on the set-top device.

Dish also provides pay-per-view, video-on-demand, interactive TV, and Sirius Satellite Radio channels, as well as parental control features, and they provide free installation for their satellite TV equipment.

Competition is good

Dish Network and DirectTV both provide the expected packages of satellite TV channels, and both have great customer service. The competition between them to provide more programming choices, better technology, clearer picture, fewer interruptions in service, and lower prices is making satellite television better for everyone.


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